Corporate Compliance

A Culture of Compliance

CANARSHIP’S commitment with ethics and corporate compliance is present in our daily businesses and its part of our culture.

From CANARSHIP we assume responsibility for securing the future of our business for the benefit of all our employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Our commitment to sustainable growth is based on our passion for quality, reliability, accountability, customer service and business ethics and Compliance.

We ensure integrity and professionalism in our actions and behavior. We do transmit the importance of our dedication and good faith to the entire Company by promoting a corporate culture based on regulatory Compliance.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct forms part of our Corporate Compliance System and our Program for the Prevention and Detection of criminal risks behaviors. We establish the principles and values, which are necessary for our good governance and we regulate our way of working and relating with one another.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct is a reference guide for all our daily business activities, governed by the values of good faith, professionalism, ethics, transparency, integrity and good corporate governance.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct is a general policy, and it is everyone´s responsibility to know, respect and comply with it. In addition, we must all comply with the compendium of regulations, protocols and control mechanisms related to our business that will be issued from the general framework of this Code.

You can consult our Code of Ethics & Conduct by clicking here.


Susana Cano – Chief Compliance Officer

Our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is in charge of ensuring that everyone in our organization and, in particular, those who want to work with us, fulfill this standard regulation. We do not accept any type of corruption and our Code of Ethics and Conduct is quite clear in this respect.

Detecting, preventing risks and establishing the appropriate controls are, among others, one of the main functions of our CCO, in order to achieve a culture of integrity, transparency, ethics and good government in the entire organization.

Should you have some queries you can contact her and she will be delighted to help you.

Please see below her contact details:

Phone Number: +34 932 92 21 25
LinkedIn: LinkedIn