Ship Agent

Shipping Agents in the Canary Islands

Your cargo in expert hands

Since 2000 Canarship was born with the clear objective of serving the main international shipowners of the regular line in the Canary Islands and later in the main ports from Mainland Spain.

Our experience of more than 20 years has provided the know-how to meet your maritime transport service needs, complying with the most demanding quality standards.

We focus on your needs both at origin and destination, having a great team of transport experts who manage your merchandise taking care of all the details in the process.

As DAL Liner Agents, for more than 20 years we have been working systematically to reduce your operational cargo management, optimizing the daily work volume with our personalized attention and shipment tracking services. Time is short, leave your cargo in expert hands!

Efficiency in your port calls

We have a track record as ship consignees and we know what your needs are, that’s why our team manages your calls with an efficient service and unbeatable attention.

We successfully coordinate your port calls and your container loading and unloading processes thanks to the excellent relationship we maintain with companies in the sector, stevedores, etc., which enables us to give you personalized attention at very competitive prices. Your service is our priority!

As well as the supervision and the reception operations, loading, unloading and delivery of the goods and their subsequent implications, and the contracting of goods for their transport in the ships assigned by our client, in whose behalf and representation we act.

Our wide experience with Public Entities and maritime transport business allows us to solve your logistical problems by offering a great service in all Spanish ports.

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