Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Canarship guiding principles, which is regulated in our Group Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Canarship expresses its commitment and importance to carry out its activity in a manner that is respectful of Society, cultural diversity and customs. In this way, all members of the organization are obliged to observe scrupulous respect for Human and Fundamental Rights, as well as nationally and internationally recognized Public Freedoms.

In Canarship we are fully aware of the importance of maintaining a balanced relationship between our work, the environment and society. Corporate Social Responsibility is present in the design of the internal processes of our companies, as a differentiating element of business excellence with respect to the relationship of the company itself with its workers and with its social environment:

  • We try to ensure that our values, our quality, our integrity and our professionalism are homogeneous wherever we operate, in any country
  • We actively work on the well-being of our teams. Whether through policies to balance work and family life or promoting sports, we want our employees to feel good, at work and at home, teleworking or in the office.
  • We aim to have a diverse team. It is through this diversity that we can better adapt to the needs and particularities of our clients.
  • Our commitment to equality and diversity policies seek a balance between young and old, men and women, different cultural environments and educational vocations, including the employment of people with disabilities.
  • We take care of the environment. Our continuous reengineering of processes tries to eliminate the use of paper in the offices. We integrate carbon footprint optimization policies into transport design.

In short, Canarship in its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility allocates as many material and human resources as necessary, to grow responsibly and sustainably and achieve success, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), legality, integrity, ethics and transparency.