Crew Assistance

Your Crew Is Our Priority

We know that people are the most important thing, that’s why our specialised team takes care of your crew 24/7, managing all their needs to make them feel safe and at ease. We make them feel at home!

The privileged location and specialization in the Oil & Gas sector have made the ports of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife a strategic HUB for the offshore industry for the last 20 years.

We are your reference agent! At Canarship, we work with world-class companies for which we have led more than 50 Semisub or Drillships projects, as well as more than 500 technical calls of geo-seismic vessels. We rely on our know-how to turn each of your challenges into success.

Managed Crew

Launchings of Vessels

Transported Crew

Apartment Rental for Management

Hotel Stay

Rental Cars

Airport Transfers (Meet & Greet) – We make the way easier

Your crew travels a long way to reach our location. Being aware that comfort and being timely efficient is the key, especially in the last phase of the journey, we manage the crew pick-ups and transfers in a timely efficient manner assisting and anticipating the usual unforeseen events of the process.

Crew Transport – Travel with maximum safety

Our team of collaborators is in charge of carrying out all transfers of your crew complying with the highest standards of safety, efficiency and comfort. The well-being of your crew is our priority, which is why they always get a personalized and friendly treatment at all times.

Immigration (Visas) – We anticipate the unforeseen

We facilitate and manage the bureaucratic Immigration formalities for your crew. Our experience and track record allows us to anticipate unforeseen events to ensure that your team’s arrivals and returns are completed successfully.

Accommodation Quality rest

We put at your disposal a wide network of collaborators and select your accommodation option that best suits the needs of your team. We guarantee our partner hotels and apartments provide the comfort the crew is looking for, with a highly personalized service.

Communications – We shorten distances

We bring your team closer to their work environment, family and friends, making available for them our portfolio for the rental or sale of terminals and routers, as well as the best phone and internet services through 5G, 4G or Radiolink connections.

Specific Health Protocols – We ensure a healthy environment

With the arrival of COVID-19, we have highlighted the need to be prepared for the unforeseen and to adapt quickly to changing environments.
We help you design and implement the necessary health protocols for your crew to continue their relays without impediments and with maximum safety. We make sure a healthy work environment is always kept.
Thousands of crew changes with origin and destination to all corners of the world proves it.

Medical Assistance – Quick and effective solutions

In difficult times (accidents / illnesses) we offer you trusted suppliers to provide your crew with fast, efficient solutions with the highest quality.
We make sure that your team feels accompanied at all times.

Catering – Gastronomic diversity for your crew

We have a network of specialized collaborators that allow us to offer your crew a wide gastronomic diversity. We cover any usual or special need (vegan, celiac, allergic, halal, etc.) in accommodation and on board.

Professional Certificate Renewals – Updated Certifications

We collaborate with specialized local centers to ensure the availability of the updated professional certifications (OPITO, BOSIET, GWO; HUET, etc.).

Rent a Car – We select the best providers

Thanks to the exclusive agreements that we maintain with the best suppliers in the sector, we offer your crew a wide range of vehicles. We understand your needs and offer you tailor-made solutions.

Events and Training – We guarantee successful events

We take care of the entire process in organizing events and training for your team. We provide the facilities and the necessary means for the management of events fully adapted to your needs.
Our experience in the successful management of tailor-made events is our guarantee.

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